weird Motorcycle Helmets that will blow your mind

Weird funny creative motorcycle helmets, A Kazakhstan advertising Company Good! has designed a number of creative motorcycle helmets and eye-catching motorcycle helmets luring a lot of Internet browsers. Not less than 16000 queries have poured in from the Internet community wondering whether the Company would actually manufacture and launch the helmets into the market early. The public, however, expects that sooner, such helmets might be available in the stores. Funny motorbike helmets fitted with ears for better audibility; some with water-melon-like and onion-like exteriors; others looking like balls; yet other graphic design motorcycle helmets resembling human brains with twisted parts; others looking like human head with hair; some with small corrugation on the outside; and some others with bald head are some creative designs attracting the motorcyclists.

Website: Good! | h/t: demilked

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