Funky Shorts With Crochets Recapturing The Fashion World

Vintage crochet patterns for men’s shorts, Once thought unsophisticated, funky shorts needle worked with interlocking is now returning to the fashion world, after recycling of vintage blankets. Schuyler Ellers makes wonderfully colored shorts, pants and capris out of recycled materials with a grand classic appearance for Lord von Schmitt, an outlet on Etsy. Thanks to the attractive designs, they were called Etsy crochet blankets. According to Ellers, Afghan crochet blankets are the original pieces which were hand-worked by artisans across America before 1960s.Using scissors and a sewing machine, he makes the classic crochets into fashionable sculptures. The various designs so made include crochet shorts for men and women, Bermudas, and full pants. They appear in multifarious designs, colors, needleworks, but all protecting the wearers against cold. Funky men’s pants are more popular because of their versatility.

More info: Etsy (h/t: neatorama | demilked)


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