Creative of Traditional Japanese Temari Balls made by talent gold hand artist 92-Year Old Woman

Temari balls grandmother 92 years old, Old is gold, this is a very famous line we have been hearing since our childhood. Yes true to its sense, the touch of old has its charm. So the collection of Temari balls is made by one old Japanese lady who is running on 92 years of age. These are handmade balls embroidered and stitched with various threads. They are full of intricate designs and in the attractive, eye-catching colors. This traditional Japanese woman has learned the craft of how to make a Temari ball back in the 60s and has produced over 500 exclusive pieces. NanaAkua has shared some glimpses of her supremely talented grandmother’s work on the web. It has been an ancient tradition started from the 7th century, grandparents and parents to make these spectacular New Year’s gift.

Source: Flickr (via: colossal)

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