Amazing self-portrait half human and half animal look very symmetry

Symmetry half human half animal eye self portrait, surreal portraits photography and one-eyed animal Greenery Borsi won’t be in the eye of the tiger, however she needs to see through the eyes of the creature. Her self-representations arrangement, fittingly named Animeyed, demonstrates her “supplanting” one eye with that of the creature. There’s no brutality there – the creatures are quite recently postured in a way that their eyes are superimposed over hers. Borsi is a visual animal eye photography craftsman and picture taker from Bucharest, Hungary. There are various portraits available on the websites, but tiger eye photographs are quite popular amongst people and this is loved by all the artists and models.

More info: | facebook | behance (h/t: visualnews, exposureguide, demilked)

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