Rare Russian Photography Of The 1910s In Grand Colors

Rare Russian history color photography Sergey Prokudin Gorsky, Normally, the period 1909-1915 was one of the black and white photos. Taking color photos were not known then. But some rare photos taken in the 1910s in the Russian Empire were color photos striking awe and disbelief in us. The expert photographer and chemist who took such photos is Sergey Prokudin –Gorsky (1863-1944) who adopted a rare photography called three-color process, a complicated and costly process those days. Using a special camera, he took three shots in red, green and blue filters respectively. All the three filtered black and white photos were then stacked together and shown as slides. This process restored the full colors of Russia closely resembling the colors of the objects shot. A cathedral in Mozhaisk, Trans-Siberian railroad and many others are models of such color photos.

Source: U.S. Library of Congress (via: imgur | H.T/ Demilked)

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