Mixing Random Photos Using Neural Networks Creating Stunning Results


Random mind bending network pictures, Neural means computer architecture with interconnected processors similar to connections available between neurons of the human brain. How does mixing different photos using neural networks end up in the consummate picture? Scientists are yet to come up with an answer for this. Russian website “Ostagram” users, applying the art technique “deep dream” and renamed as “Inceptionism” now are mixing network photos creating mind-bending pictures. Inceptionism is a bigger dream making computers more efficient for mixing photos to form their own content. It is done by making the computer to imitate human neural network by giving suitable input. For example, this technique uses flowers of different colors, shapes and sizes making one single big flower; the sky and the Eiffel Tower appear in two different color combinations, and you can find many more pictures differently colored through this process.

More info: ostagram (h/t: boredpanda, demilked)

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