Discovering the fairytale land of Norway

Norway photographer destination places, Have you ever taken a trip to the snow covered country of Norway? If the answer is no then it is about time you packed your bags to see the natural beauty of Norway. If you are wondering what you will see there then this article will give a glimpse of the amazing Norwegian architecture. When discussing the Norway buildings, it will take only a few seconds to understand that the architects are inspired by the fairytale themes. Thus, they have tried to capture the very flavor and essence while construction the Norwegian houses. To take a look at all the photographs, click on the link that has been given here.

(h/t: boredpanda | Demilked)

Borgund Stave Church

Source: Tnarik Innael

Source: Robert Cross

Barn In Valldal




Ancient Road Vindhellavegen


Bridge Over Låtefossen Waterfall

Source: Max Rive

Under The Aurora

Source: Hans Marius Mindrum

Kvednafossen Waterfall In Norway

Source: Lars Neumann

At The End Of The World, Tjome

Source: Allan Pedersen

Old Farmhouses

Source: SoyabaraJohnny99

Natural Swimming Pool In The Forest

Source: Strezz69

Old House

Source: Slemulv

A House In Norway

Source: Robert Snow

Old Village


Fjord Houses

Source: AdMixStar

A Bridge In Norway

Source: Will Zhang

Rogaland, Gullingen

Source: dmitryprofi

Lake Bondhus

Source: Jindra Rotscheid

Fairy House In Hunderfossen, Lillehammer

Source: Ester Ayerdi

Fisherman Hut, Undredal

Source: Ester Ayerdi


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