Recreation of Nazi germany in lego timeline

Nazi Germany history in lego timeline, On the off chance that you have an inclination that you have to review your history of Nazi Germany or you’re just inspired by how it may have looked in the realm of LEGO, this arrangement has you secured. LEGO buff Fithboy spent his January experiencing the historical backdrop of the Third Reich with his darling LEGO dolls, setting and capturing the absolute most imperative scenes from this ghastly and tumultuous memorable period.

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Adolf Hitler is appointed Chancellor of Germany.

40,000 SA and SS men are sworn in as auxiliary police.

The Reichstag building is burned, probably by the Nazis.

Emergency Powers are given to Hitler.

The Nazis open the first concentration camp.

Nazis define Jews as non-Aryan and boycott Jewish-owned business.

Jewish books are burned in Berlin and other German cities.

Jews lose almost all rights and are oppressed by the Nuremberg Laws.

Kristallnacht; Night of the Broken Glass, riots that destroy Jewish shops and business. German police overlook it.

Germany invades Poland. WWII has begun in Europe.

Stalin’s Russian troops invade Eastern Poland. He and Hitler plan to split the land between them when the country is occupied.

Auschwitz is opened. Jews from around Europe will be killed here in their millions over the next few years.

D-Day. Allied troops land in Normandy.

As the Allied forces push through Germany they liberate concentration camps. 

Hitler commits suicide.

My desk after going through WWII. 

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