Teen artist recreate Iconic scenes in famous movies by Legos

Lego iconic famous movie scenes recreation, Romantic and beautiful scenes are one of the most cherishable things that a man remembers through his/her lifetime. Those scenes will not be forgotten by anyone who has passed through this genre. The beauty, the style and the romance are all the things that a man/woman passes through styles or way of talking or by presenting himself/herself in front of others. Morgan Spence is also recreating those scenes but in a different way. The teenaged director has created legos full movie youtube. He is also creating lego titanic full movie. The Titanic dancing scene by this director with legos is soaring high on the social media sites.

More info: morgspennyproductions.co.ukYoutube | warrenelsmore.com | Facebook (h/t: dailymail,demilked)


Scene from Titanic

Scene from Life of Pi

Scene from The Wizard of Oz

Scene from Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Scene from The Shining

The Teen filmmaker (Morgan Spence)

Scene from ET

Scene from Pulp Fiction

Scene from Dirty Dancing

Scene from Singin’ in the Rain

Scene from Wayne’s World

Scene from The Sound of Music

Scene from Dr. No

Scene from Laurel and Hardy

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