25 interesting Fact stories which will depress everyone after reading

Interesting Fact world shocking stories, In this below section,  you will get to know about some of the facts which you never knew. All these facts are a bit surprising and depressing and can make you depressed. You will get to know some facts that are quite dirty and irritating. These images reveal that the facts are very much frustrating if you tally them with your daily life. You will definitely vomit next time when you drink a cup of tea in a corporate office of UK if you come to know about these hard undisclosed facts related to it.

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1. Because of they aren’t as Delicious as baby hens, baby roosters are usually tossed into a grinder after they’re born.

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2. In US, every year 2,500 People who use left hand die from using tools that were designed for right-handed user.

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3. In World War II 1945, George H. W. Bush’s plane was shot down in Japan. He was the one between 9 men on board. The other 8 men were arrested and eaten.


4. Inuit mothers (allegedly) use their mouths to suck the snot out of their babies’ noses.


5. On Mount Everest, there are over 200 corpses of failed climbers. They are the sign of new climber’s route on their way up.

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6. evident from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, 17 percent of cell phones have poop on them.


7. Cruel Nazi humans experiments are the reason why we know a lot about the stages of hypothermia.

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8. Evident from University of Arizona study, at least 19% of office coffee mugs have fecal matter.

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9. Some kind of butterfly has been known to seek out and drink human blood.


10. Some people Feet can sweat up to 20 liters daily.


11. You have more chance of dying on the way to buy lottery tickets than you have a chance to win win.

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12. In ancient Rome, the crushed brains of mice were used as toothpaste.

In ancient Rome, the crushed brains of mice were used as toothpaste.

Flickr/Anderson Mancini

13. The FDA estimated that the average US people eat a pound of insects every year. These insects are sometimes mixed in with other foods.

Flickr/Till Westermayer

14. Choose your brand of toilet paper carefully. Fecal matter is able to travel through 10 layers of paper.

Flickr/Daniel Lobo

15. ice machines in most of the Restaurant  are almost never cleaned. believe me, they’re really gross on the inside.

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16. Smelling is caused by molecules from other objects sticking to the inside of your nose.

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17. When you drive on the subway, around 15% of the air you breathe is human skin.


18. In the US, Empty houses are more than homeless people.

Flickr/Robert Couse-Baker

19. In the first 8 years of usage, the weight of a mattress is double. It is because of the accumulation of dust mites and dust mite droppings.


20. Young Koalas have been known to eat their mother’s poop.

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21. Thanks to FDA regulations, up 10 insects and 35 fruit fly eggs are allowed per 8 ounces of raisins.


22. The FDA also allowed 150 bug fragments and 5 rodent hairs per pound of peanut butter.

Flickr/Mike Mozart

23. Mouth kissing can transmit 40,000 parasites and around 250 difference types of bacteria.

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24. When a new male lion takes over a pride, he kills all of the existing cubs.

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25. The toilet is actually the cleanest place in your home. Your table, kitchen sink, grocery card, and cell phone all have more bacterias.

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