Philippines’ Interactive 3D Art Museum Woos You Into Its Painting

Interactive 3d paintings art museum, Using Cameras are prohibited in museums in general. As a departure, Manila’s interactive 3D art museum in Island permits people to move toward their 3D paintings and take shots as they like. The authorities took great pains to make this 3D art museum for providing this photographing facility. Museum’s secretary Blyth Cambaya explained to Mashable,” In this 3D paintings museum, art paintings are not complete, if you are not with them if you don’t take pictures with them. These paintings are meant to attract the visitors, and not make the people draw them. Some 3 D paintings include a boy entering across a window with one foot outside and another inside; a woman thrusting a sword into a boy’s head; and a woman climbing up a wall; and many others that strike awe and wonder on the visitors.
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