Donald Jusa’s Macro Photography Makes The Rare Mundane Creatures Look Like Aliens

Insect aliens on earth macro photograph, A highly talented photographer of Bandung, Indonesia, Donald Jusa has skillfully managed to capture pictures of otherworldly rare and unseen creatures already living on this earth using his efficient macro photography. So, technically speaking, the creatures are not aliens, but look like aliens thanks to their rarity. A few such rare specimens are discussed here. Jusa’s insect macro photography has revealed one insect having eyes made up of millions of segmented eyes. Another creature is long-necked having horn-like parts, and yet another resembles humans with a crown on the head. Like this, Jusa has many more specimens in his collection. This became the basis for the images in pop culture and comic books. Caught in close-ups, the creatures suggest to be pictures of aliens on earth, but analysis reveals they belong to our earth.

Source: Facebook | 500px | Flickr | h/t: Demilked



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