Peculiar Icelandic Creatures And Their Myths


Iceland saga mythical fantasy protectors, Icelandic and Norwegian narratives and music are like cheese and pizza- as twins. Paintings were done by Asgeir Jon Asgeirsson for Icelandic metal band Skalmold’s “Meo Vaettum” bear testimony to the above. For Asgeir, inspiration came from the Icelandic Heimskringla saga and songs penned by Snaebjorn Ragnarsson. While I received many simple narratives about Norse projects, I am immensely influenced by the paintings of the special animals called mythical protectors. Though dragons are widely shown in the present day pop culture, other pictures which are mythical and fantasy creatures look more mythical and penetrating. For example, “Beast in the West” shows a giant bull which is more magnificent and fabulous; “Dragon in the East” displays a dragon lying on a tree branch with a threatening look, and many like this add to the list of Icelandic mythological creatures.

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Dragon in the East

Giant in the South

Beast in the West

Vulture in the North


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