Photoshopped pics of husky puppies

Husky dog funny photoshop battle, It all started with the picture of an arctic dog sitting on a tropical tree. No one knows what the puppy was up to high on the tree. This unusual photo seems to be a fine editing job no doubt, but what happened after the Photoshop community started playing with their imagination is really weird photo. In this palm tree photography collection one placed the puppy on the back of a giraffe and another one put it on the chopper motorbike. Another one was more imaginative to make it fly on the Harry Potter’s broom. Take a look.

(h/t: boredpanda, demilked)

It begin with this:

#1 Came In Like A…

Image source: artunitinc

#2 Badass

Image source: Criticalg

#3 Dog On A Giraffe, Perfection.

Image source:

#4 Taking Dog Tricks To The Next Level

Image source: Blokatt

#5 Bad To The Bone

Image source: abcakaalex

#6 Cool Dogs Don’t Look At Explosions!

Image source: Criticalg

#7 Safe Place

Image source: RexLeou

#8 Drake Needs A Doggo

#9 Quidditch Through The Ages

Image source: NihiloEx

#10 Wow. Much Speed. Very Pew

Image source: DrWankalot


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