Skull Cookies With Laser-Engraved Wood Rolling Pin


Horror Halloween skull cookies, If you use a skull-embossed rolling pin, making a frightening cookie (raised cake) is easier. Ruta, the Lithuvanian, with his DoughRoller business, living in Vilnius, the Country’s capital, has prepared a suitable recipe which is ideal for Halloween and people having goth children. Using beech wood pins, and laser-etched wood bearing skulls and polished and coated with protective wood conditioner of food-grade oil, he makes his recipes as a blend of the traditional kitchen items with innovative formulas. He prepares three cookie recipes as an improvement. The first recipe is only rolling cookies studded with skulls, the second one has a similar roller along with a flat cake again with skulls, and the third one has roller and pins decorated with skulls. After experimenting with hundreds of recipes, the company found some best designs for the rolling pin finishing them with properly embossed cookies.

More info: etsy (h/t: laughingquid, demilked)

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