Moth that look creepy like in the giant worm movie and they destroys the trees

Horrifying bird cherry white ermine moth, The contents shared here are creepy not for the human beings but for the trees. The deadliest bird-cherry ermine moth can transform an ordinary neighborhood into something right out of a fantasy horror movie in no time. Being the natives from Europe, these tiny creatures make their homes in bird-cherry trees. Looks like a cobweb, the moth makes cocoons like a fur coat for trees as shared in the images here. Though the silk does not make any harm to human-made things, but can damage plants by causing the trees to lose their leaves and also trouble the trees down the line.

(via The Guardian, The Daily Mail, Telegraph, viralnova)

Look at this beautiful monster adult with stylish black spots.

UK Moths

Flickr / Johan van Beilen

L.H. Trevail Flickr / Johan van Beilen

Tumblr / Liselotte Eriksson

Rocking on the Wilde Side

L.H. Trevail

Wikimedia Commons / Per Erik Strandberg

L.H. Trevail

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