Miyazaki Cards- a Symbol Of Studio Ghibli Movie Characters

Hand drawing Miyazaki playing cards Pauline Renard, nicknamed Pow, has been drawing illustrations of her pet Studio Ghibli characters on packs of cards under the name “Miyazaki cards.” It is a Do It Yourself project on which this French illustrator is working assiduously. These cards are not available for public sale because she says on her Tumblr page that Hayao Miyazaki /Studio Ghibli are the owners of these characters and that hence, she has no rights to meddle with these cute deck of cards. Otherwise, these studio Ghibli cards caricaturing the Miyazaki characters in Japanese animation with colorful graphics would be an ideal gift for a Japanese player. The animations portray the Ghibli movies characters and animals in elegant, scary, funny and realistic ways.

More info: pauline renard (h/t: ufunk, demilked)

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