Before-And-After photos of Climate change Are not to be Ignore

Glaciers melting global warming climate change, Though the worlds changing it isn’t always changing for the better. “Repeat Photography” is a project that captures pictures of glaciers for monitoring the pace of Montana’s and Alaska’s glacier national park glaciers melting. It’s amongst the projects carried out by US Ground Survey for determining the tempo of climate transformation. Repeat Photography can be termed the most fundamental of tools and takes snaps of glaciers from the very spot the earlier snaps had been taken from. In this post, there are 8 diverse global warming pics before and after to provide you with an idea of the dangerous situations that are impending.

More info: (h/t: petapixel, demilked)

Muir Glacier and Inlet 1880s – 2005

Pedersen Glacier, ~1930s – 2005

Boulder Glacier, 1913-2012

Muir Inlet, 1941-2004

Muir Glacier and Inlet, 1890s – 2005

Iceberg Glacier ~1940 – 2008

Carroll Glacier 1906 – 2004

Grinnell Glacier from Overlook 1940 – 2006

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