Innocent Kids And Their Drawings That Speak Volumes


Funny innocent kids drawings, While kid’s drawings featuring animals, trees, homes and humans are normally pasted on the Refrigerators and doors to enthuse them about their work, there are other pictures carrying deep, serious meaning which are worthy of exhibition in public places. Some kids make naughty drawings. Here are a few photos taken out of Bored Panda’s collection of images drawn by kids which you need to know. They are funny kid’s drawings with comments. A little girl shows her mom at work saying when she grows up, she wants to be like her mummy; a daughter has drawn a dolphinarium showing dolphins swimming; another girl’s drawing shows a giraffe, while yet another draws a picture saying her dad is a good cock/ cook ever. Likewise, kids drawing ideas are incalculable and you can enjoy them in various angles.

Via : boredpanda

#1 Little Girl Drew A Picture Of Her Mom At Work. The Mother Is Actually Selling A Snow Shovel At Home Depot

Image source: IAmAKittyCat

#2 My Daughter’s Dolphinarium

#3 My Daughter Drew Me A Giraffe

Image source: Stierlitz

#4 My Friend’s 8 Year Old Cousin Made This Self Portrait In Art Class. He Was Wearing A Minions Shirt. Needless To Say His Family Was Confused At First

Image source: PBinmyVJ

#5 My 2nd Grade Teacher Friend Had A Class Assignment To Draw The Best Way To Prevent Germs. This Kid Did Not Fail To Disappoint

Image source: mccogw9

#6 I Think The Kid Meant “Cook”

Image source: krato1995

#7 You Don’t Have To Do This

#8 Found A Drawing I Did As A Child. I’m A Little Bothered

Image source: briarbeauty

#9 Made A Book For My Dad For Father’s Day. My 13 Year Old Sister Could Use Practice Drawing Whistles

Image source: jessgro

#10 It Is My Cat, Cosmo

Image source: canswim99

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