Creative Sky and star view windows design for small apartment

Fold out window balcony sky moon view, Sky can be viewed more clearly from the top floors of great buildings. But there are some exceptions. The exception comes in the way of giving the small houses or apartments a clear and crystal view of the sky through the window. Due to small balconies, the sky cannot be seen clearly. But there is something in the mind of Aldana Ferrer Garcia. The installer has created Garcia apartments. These apartments are actually the windows that can be folded. The balcony window design is designed in such a way that one can get the full view of the sky through his/her tiny house/apartment. The more design of the sky windows can be seen by clicking the above link.

More info: (h/t: designboom, demilked)

Image credits: designboom

Image credits: Aldana Ferrer Garcia

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