The effort 18 Months taken by father to fulfill daughter’s desire room

Daughter fairytale treehouse bedroom, The Fairy tales all time favorite place desires of adults to live in. Radamshome, father of Reddit put forth a step ahead to make his daughter to live in such place at world. Radamshome who works in the video game production company, grasped 18 months for him to mount a material and rebar in his daughter room. Tree has a hole in the trunk for studying and she can go up the trunk to park herself in between the branches.
Radamshome mission forced to study the skills like welding. The entire tree is crafted by rebar frame enclosed with tangle and a lean layer of concrete. The bark is colored to create realistic as in Tarzan-inspired figures. He marked that he wept twice a time before he completed the project promised to his daughter desired.

More info: radamshome | H/T: Demilked

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