After seeing these places in google map you will never want to go in real life

Creepy google map locations, Google Maps are known to help us in locating places and find the easiest way to reach there. In this article, you will get to see some places where you will not like to visit. Google uses a great kind of technology to watch places where we have never gone. You will also not wish to visit these places once you come to know about the truth of these places. These are some very ugly and most horrible place in the world very odd kind of situation.

(via The Daily Mail, Vice)

Rocinha in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil is the largest favela group and it is home of 80,000 people

Liberty City, Miami, U.S. Famous in traveling guide book, but is not a place like your reading on the book. See the picture and think if find yourself late at night what would it be.

Tepito, a Mexican barrio in the Cuauhtémoc borough of Mexico City notorious as a Tourist no go area. Today it still has robberies and drug crime

Down and out in the U.S.A|Skid Row, an impoverished area and known as a bad part of Los Angeles has the largest population of homeless people in the States, Study found 3,000 and 6,000

Chicago, U.S.A: This is a lonely home in Auburn Gresham, don’t expect everywhere here are beautiful

The Aylesbury Estate in Walworth, London was known as byword for urban poverty, drug crime target.

The means streets of Klongtoey in Bangkok, Out of tourist area is most notorious slums

Bogota, Colombia, This area is one of the most dangerous cities in the world and Ciudad Bol var is one of its most notorious streets

The Romanian capital Bucharest also no-go areas listed. This is Ferentari, base for drug dealers, prostitution

Gangland, Canada The Jane and Finch district, Hearing the name is made us scare already. It is one of the highest proportions of refugees, immigrants, low-income area and public housing tenants of any community

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