now you can wear your City mesh jewellery by Talia Sari Wiener

City street map jewelry Talia Sari, Creativity is in the blood of every aspiring or established artist. If you are studying or practicing any sort of designing profession then it is pretty obvious you would want to build up new things with your anticipation. So has done Talia Sari Wiener a designer based in Israel, envisioned city grids into a unique form of jewellery that will simply amaze you. In today’s urban world who doesn’t love to wear stylish yet slick jewellery for regular wear. We are providing you the above link to have some glimpses of her out of the box visualization of map jewelry in the shape of neck pieces, rings, brooches etc made of gold and silver. Hence you can get your favourite city grid in any form of jewellery, London, Rome, Paris, or even Israel. If you are living in Israel or dream to go there, but unable to, at least satisfy your desire by getting customize jewellery of Israel street map.

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