Recreating the poses of super models in a funny manner

Celebrity Instagram recreation photos, If you are into fashion then you must be aware of the famous models and their signature poses. If you ever thought that these poses can be recreated in a funny manner then you are not the only one to think like this. In this article, you will see such an effort to recreate the photos of superstars, with a dash of comedy to them. These pics of superstars have been recreated by a woman who is obsessed with uploading the snaps on Instagram. Taking these fun pictures for Instagram is her favorite pastime and she has become very popular for this.

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#1 Lady Gaga And I Progressing Nicely At Paddle Board Yoga

#2 You Guys Make Me Want To Hang My Head Out A Window And Scream ‘Im Better Than Everyone!

#3 Happy Easter! I Hope You All Have More Luck In The Easter Egg Hunt Than Kendall Jenner And I Did

#4 Pull Your Hair. Put On A Full-Length Jacket (If Budget Allows) And Fall In The Water

#5 Don’t You Hate It When You’re Doing Your Nails In And You Get A Cramp?

#6 Waking Up Feeling Sexy

#7 Real Love Is Perfect, Flawless, Acrobatic, Stylised, Timed And Photogenic

#8 Privileged People Only Travel In Style

#9 Hiking And Twerking, Obviously

#10 Ah, The Pressures Of School Drop Off

#11 F**k You Gravity

#12 Class

#13 Living The Dream

#14 Gooood Morning Saturday!

#15 Bums. Balls. Boobs.

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