Indonesian Artist’s Cute Quotes In Calligraphy Convey Meanings More Deeply

Beautiful Indonesian calligraphy love phrases, Powerful phrases, proverbs and motivation quotes written in cute calligraphy convey their meanings more effectively. Understanding this, Indonesian calligraphy artist Dexa Muamar has devised a way to couch golden thoughts in beautiful letters and styles in attractive language for effective conveying. In his famous drawing series, “ Masterworks” you can find a group of fonts squeezed into tiny expressions. According to Muamar, he started first with copperplate calligraphy. For him, the method of connecting letters is special. His preference is to draw on a small scale at 3-4 cm width. Some memorable quotes written by Muamar are reproduced here. The fonts and writing styles are more attractive. “Remember, even if it went wrong, at least you tried it.” “Never stop doing your best just because someone doesn’t give you credit.” Like these, the list continues including Indonesian love phrases.

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